Depending on both the type of relocation and the contracted product, the time period can vary. The minimum service of accommodation search with rental agreement drafting can last at least 3 weeks at best, while a relocation with several services can last up to one month.
We offer a 24/7 customer service. For any service contracted with us we commit to answer and any problem that arises during the first 3 months of the process as soon as possible, answering within 24 hours.
Once the client contacted us, our agents assess his needs. Based on this analysis, the client contracts the product that suits him best and the relocation begins, having frequent contact with the PGR agent until he reaches his destination. Once the relocation has been carried out, we conduct a monthly follow-up to ensure service quality.
We operate to a total of 9 countries over 2 continents (Europe and America). Visit this page to have a look at our destinations.
We work with personal data such as a copy of the ID. Depending on the service and the chosen destination, we might need legal data in order to process the required documents (Passports, Criminal Record Certificates…) through the administration.
Call us as soon as possible; we will handle everything to notify the interested parties.
Depending on the chosen destination, it is recommended to contract a health insurance (Chile for instance).
Depending on the chosen destination, we recommend contracting a health insurance, funeral insurance, repatriation insurance. We offer a wide range of coverage and prices to our clients.
It depends on the contracted services: our minimal service includes the search for 2 accommodations to choose from, rental agreement negotiation and legal assessment. Legal situation varies from one city to another; we take care of the assessment depending on the destination.
Airlines establish maximum luggage weight (20-25kg) and dimension. Nevertheless, it is recommended to carry a unique suitcase, in addition to the hand luggage or backpack, in order to move with ease inside the airports. It is also recommended that to take clothes suitable to every season of the year and destination country, without forgetting some coat even if the trip takes place during the summer. In order to avoid heavy luggage, we can manage the sending of clothes and other personal belongings through mail so that they arrive to your new location in the easiest possible way.
Our services cover every possible need while changing your residence: accommodation search, help with service contracting (electricity, water, phone, internet, etc), collection at the airport, course search, university/master search, school for the client’s children, medical insurance, legal services, and more.
We need a deposit of 25% of the contracted product. The rest of the payment will be made when the contract of relocation had stipulated, following the condition agreed with each client.
If the client so decides, we handle the entire trip from the first assessment until the arrival at the destination.
When a client contracts one of our services, he receives a personalized legal assessment for the first 3 months of the relocation, always adapted to the chosen destination.
Yes, we offer a translation service, in addition to multilingual agents that take care of the related formalities.
It depends on the contracted product. The integral relocation is considered over three months after the client has settled. Nevertheless, our services include a follow-up during the whole period of the relocation.