In 2012, our company, People Global Relocation®, was founded. This wonderful project was founded on various international experiences, knowledge of the industry, and the services that needed to be offered.

From the start to now, we have had the opportunity to surround ourselves with excellent professionals, to expand our knowledge and apply said knowledge to the processes of each service that we offer. This experience has not only allowed us to optimize our processes and our range of services, but also expand our own organization to create two business divisions:

Logo SGR PGR final machote-02People Global Relocation or PGR

This business division is specialized for professionals and companies, dedicated to mobility processes and expatriation that serve projects of internationalization, as well as the establishment of companies in a foreign environment.


SGR-V-finalStudents Global Relocation or SGR

This division is specialized in Academic mobility, Language training, and Management Services for students and universities. In April of 2014, we believed that it was the moment to give the academic world the attention and importance it deserves. We launched STUDENTS GLOBAL RELOCATION, which has allows us to both specialize and expand our services.


Housing-Makers-New2Housing Makers

This division specializes in real estate consulting services and real estate asset management services. We wish to offer our clients the full administration of their real estate assets, ranging from their purchase of houses, the management of their rent and the purchase of houses for subsequent rentals.