Housing Makers, a division emerging from People Global Relocation, specializes in real estate consulting services and real estate asset management services.

With this division we wish to offer our clients the full administration of their real estate assets, ranging from their purchase of houses, the management of their rent and the purchase of houses for subsequent rentals.

The services offered by this division try to cover all the necessities in the management of the purchase or rental of houses, hence reducing the risk of client miscalculations due to lack of time or knowledge.

Housing Makers has a team of mobility consultants to assist in Spanish and English.

The main mission of the company, which is the same as that of the division, is:

  • Optimize costs
  • Customer Loyalty
  • Reduce the stress of this type of matters by delegating them to professionals
  • Up-to-date knowledge available to the client


Housing Makers offers three different packs: