People Global Relocation offers mobility services in an international environment, thanks to our consultants in Santiago de Chile, Lima,Toronto, and  Europe.

Our primary locations within Europe are: Portugal, the United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Italy, Denmark, and Germany. Similarly, we also offer our services in Chile, Peru, and Canada. Each country works with different legislation, so it is of the upmost importance to work with professionals who can advise you and “hold your hand” to facilitate a simple and comfortable establishment in the new country.

We have been developing our services with companies that are starting businesses in these locations, as well as established companies who require our services to further their businesses.


Asesoramiento-empresarialInternationalization Services

Starting off with advising and knowledge of the company or organization that intends on being internationalized, PGR presents an internationalization project for the organization in its selected country(s) of destination.


Planes-de-expatriacionExpatriation Plans

The endeavour required to move an expatriate to another destination, the management of said situation, and our ability to make this a respectable process is a great professional feat. Consequently, we work with numerous professionals to successfully provide these services.

Traslados-y-establecimientos-Moving and Establishing


Moving overseas, management of the network of professionals who specialize in overseas moving, the secure packaging, loading, unloading, and unpacking of items of all types, door-to-door pickup of personal/office items, etc.


FamiliaFamily Services


Advising, Presentation and search for education centres that are most appropriate to the client’s needs, au-pair services, cleaning assisance and home maintenance, medical insurance, etc.







Service and packs