One of the things that most terrifies about moving is the search for housing, without any guide this beautiful stage of finding a future home can turn into a total nightmare, so that this is not your case or that of anyone you know, we invite you to continue reading.

Madrid is recognized worldwide for being a cultural city and open to migration, however, its different neighborhoods do not have all the publicity that they should, placing foreigners in a bind when it comes to choosing areas that will clearly depend on the interests and tastes of each one, what we can assure is that the capital of the Kingdom has offers for everyone.

Main neighborhoods of Madrid


It is located just above the Retiro Park and is considered the most exclusive and elegant part of Madrid. It has some of the best restaurants, some of the coolest lounge bars, and some of the best shops. It is also one of the most authentic neighborhoods in Madrid. It is a very safe area and well connected to the city center, two of the reasons why people are drawn to this district.


It is a district of the Salamanca district, in Madrid. In this neighborhood there are buildings of great importance, such as the Palacio de Deportes de la Comunidad de Madrid or La Real Casa de La Moneda.


Being one of the 6 neighborhoods in which the Salamanca district of the city of Madrid is divided. There are buildings of great importance such as the National Library, the National Archaeological Museum or the Church of San Manuel Bueno Mártir. It is also an important shopping area for luxury goods, specifically on Calle de Serrano.


It can be described as elegant and Parisian. It is an area full of lawyers, politicians and designers. This district is located west of Salamanca and northeast of the city center. It is exclusive and luxurious. The architecture is almost Parisian in style. This district is full of bakeries, popular bars, and designer shops. There are also several art galleries in this area.


It is a neighborhood of Madrid belonging to the Centro district. The name of the neighborhood is due to the fact that it has historically housed the headquarters of the Supreme Court and the Court of Accounts. Also within the neighborhood is the Chueca area, which became the gay neighborhood of Madrid since the mid-90s.


Madrid is a popular, very touristy neighborhood and as its name says it is located in the center of the city. It is of great tourist attraction, which is why it has a wide variety of shops and restaurants with local and international food during the day and a lot of life at night.


A very residential area, but with a lot of cultural variety to enjoy in your free time, for example: the Sorolla Museum, Transport Museum and theaters. On the other hand, it is also an area known for hosting many students and having a youthful vibe, but without being a particularly noisy or party neighborhood.


A favorite area for football fans, because the Santiago Bernabéu is located. It is also characterized by its residential atmosphere, a variety of boutiques and bistros in one of the main streets of Madrid, Príncipe de Vergara, it tends to have a slightly cooler climate than the rest of the city and a corporate atmosphere due to it.

Linear City / Arturo Soria

This area is highly recommended for families since it is located on the outskirts of Madrid, but minutes from the center, giving the best of both worlds, parks, schools and spaces for families, but without losing the proximity to the center and with everything the city has to offer.

These neighborhoods are the best known among the new residents of the capital, but not the only ones, thus being able to have more options according to the requirements of each person.

And how do I move?

It is necessary to emphasize that one of the great benefits that Madrid has is its public transport system, being among the cheapest in Europe and that it is very well connected to each other, so no matter what area of ​​the city you are in either by metro, bus or train you will reach your destination quickly and comfortably.

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