Who are we

People  Global Relocation ® (now called PGR) is a Spanish Company that specializes in providing Mobility and Relocation Services to other companies and individuals. In addition to our headquarters in Madrid, we also have consultants established in Chile, Peru, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Portugal and Denmark. PGR went public in 2012, providing mobility solutions to companies that move and/or expand their businesses and to individuals, who establish their “homes” in a new location. Although still a young company, we have been constantly evolving since day one and have always maintained a very clear goal: offer quality services, provide solutions that “truly” help companies and people, and propose affordable costs. 

Our Company always strives to follow a familiar path. Every consultant specialized in this sector approaches each new expatriate in a unique and exceptional manner, from their arrival to the finalization of each process. Naturally, this extensive process fosters a secure and confident establishment for the expatriate. PGR has always been constantly evolving, working with the most advanced methods to offer the best solutions. This methodology allows for the:

– Optimization of costs

– Cultivating Client’s Trust

– Satisfaction in our ability to resolve any problems

– Current and Updated knowledge at the client’s disposal

Thanks to our daily experiences, outstanding professional team, and collaborators we work with, we have adapted our company and services to the demands of the industry and our clients. Since we started two years ago, we have added new services, replaced those who we thought were not of great value to our clients, moved into new offices, launched a new division (  Students Global Relocation), and collaborated with established companies, professionals, and Educational Institutions all over the world.     In short, we have been working everyday looking to satisfy not only our clients, but also ourselves.