Be conected was never this easy

Arriving in a new country entails many things, including hiring all the basic services to live in it, from the bank account to the internet are small great details that in the case of a foreigner can be real challenges to face.

Change of ownership of supplies

At PGR we take care of the change of ownership and domiciliation of the supplies of your new home such as electricity, gas, water and community, so your moving process will not be a problem.


We also advise you on the best offers on the market on the internet, mobile lines and television so that you can choose which one suits your needs and we accompany you in the hiring process, so you will not be alone at any time.

Bank account

In the same way, we will be with you in choosing your bank in Spain, we will tell you about the options of banking institutions and their benefits so that you have all the tools to select the one that provides the best services.