Who we are

People Global Relocation® (People Global Relocation) is a Spanish company founded in 2012 that specializes in providing mobility and relocation services to companies that move and / or expand their businesses and to individuals who establish their “homes” in Spain.

Our main offices are located in Madrid, but we also have consultants and allies in the rest of the world, in Chile, Peru, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Portugal and Denmark, thus allowing us not only to provide services in Spain, but to advise on the departure from the country of origin to our clients, thus providing a global service in the transfer.

Although it is still a young company, we have been in constant evolution, managing to have and maintaining both, national and international clients, with us. We have only achieved this success by maintaining a very clear objective: to offer quality services that “really” help people and companies at affordable costs.

Our company always strives to follow a familiar path. Each consultant specialized in this sector approaches each new expat in a unique and exceptional way, from their arrival to the completion of each process. Naturally, this lengthy process encourages a safe settlement for expats, as we understand not only the legal part, but also emotional implications for an individual and their family to relocate.

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People Global Relocation has always been in constant development, we consider ourselves fortunate because each case generates new knowledge which enriches us as a company and leads us to constantly evaluate our processes and therefore improve them, in this way we apply more advanced methods to offer the best solutions. which allows:

– Cost optimization

– Cultivate customer trust

– Satisfaction in our ability to solve any problem

– Current and updated knowledge available to the client

Likewise, based on our daily experiences, excellent professional team and collaborators with whom we work, we have not only adapted our company and services to the demands of the industry and our clients but also add new services by which we replace those that we think that they were not of great value to our customers.

And in this line of improving and adapting, we launched a new division (Students Global Relocation) specifically dedicated to the mobility of students around the world, an activity that we can carry out very easily thanks to our agreements with different universities located in America and Europe, as well. such as alliances with residences, host families and flats (studios and shared), thus being able to satisfy everyone’s requirements and making their stay an unforgettable experience. In short, we have been working every day seeking to satisfy not only our customers, but also ourselves.


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