Do you want to move to Madrid by yourself? With your partner? Your pet maybe?

With this package we will cover everything that you need for your relocation in Spain, you only have to enjoy the experience.

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introduction videocall

We will talk about the process so you can have the time to ask anything and let us know so we can do the process based in your requirements. 

airport pickup

We will be waiting for you in the airport with a sign, you wont miss us! And we will take you to your choose acommodation.

City tour

We will guide you through the city, showing you the best neighborhoods, parks, restaurants and everything you’ll need around your new house.

Management of paperwork

We will take care of all your documentation so you can be in Spain without any problem. You won’t have to worry about the paperwork.

Accomodation management

Searching for a place will be one of the easier process with us. We will help you to find somenthing based on you requirements and needs.

utilities set up

We will take care of your utilities, also we will help you opening your new spanish banck account, and anything else it may need to be covered.

resident registration

Once you decide where you will live, we will do your registration in the city hall so you can enjoy all the benefits your neighborhood provides you.

Don’t you want the package? We have individual services as well!

Do you have any doubt?

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