Moving to a new destination is always complicated, sometimes inciting stressful and tense situations. Therefore, we fully understand the importance of providing solutions to all the problems that can arise during the mobility process. 

Our company understands the industry that offers our services, covering all phases of the process, from the preliminary stages to the expatriate’s establishment in the new destination. 

PGR is an asset to any company as we are able to offer all the services required for the relocation process. We dedicate our personal attention to our clients throughout the whole process. 

PGR services start with personally advising and analyzing all professional and familial requirements before departure. Then, we specify all the different procedures to established in the new destination: accommodation management (selection, proposal, utilities, etc.), pick-up services from the airport, tour guides in the new city…. We always intend to satisfy our clients, which is why our services take into account all the necessary details to make the entire process easier. 

Our company carries out these services based on two different organizational models: one designed for all types of companies and professionals coming to Spain (“At Home” Services) while the other is for international business affairs in Europe, Peru, Chile, and Canada.