Why People Global Relocation? 

Because we are a Spanish company located in the main cities in Spain and specialized in mobility and relocation services for companies and people.

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We feel as expat and that is why we understand you. We will be with you the whole process from our oficces in Madrid and Barcelona. We can assist you in everything that you will need to establish yourself in Spain.

Expats talk

You do not have to belive what we say, you have to belive them!

People Global Relocation has been very professional and supportive in helping us with landing smoothly in Madrid. A special thank to Marhiam for always being there to help us when needed regardless if about official processes, documents or housing search.

Lakkhana & Chris

From Thailand to Madrid

My relocation to Madrid was a very nice experience thanks to the help of People Global Relocation. They were with me in the whole process checking all the details, they help me in the house searching, took care of all the paperwork, gave me excellent advice and they made me feel like home.


From Argentina to Madrid

We moved to Madrid from France with the help of People Global Relocation. They help us find a home, set up all the paperwork, and even greeted us at the airport on our arrival. We can highly recommend People Global Relocation for anyone looking to move to Spain.

Yann & Cassandra

From France to Madrid


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