Being welcome has never feel this good.

Starting in a new city is never easy, and at People Global Relocation we know it. That is why we offer the welcome to the new destination city service, where we will make your arrival an unforgettable experience. 

Dealing newcomer with the different transport options and the ignorance of prices and facilities when choosing one, without counting all the luggage you have to handle, makes entering the city that receives you very stressful.

With this service you can be sure that everything is covered, from a person who will wait for you at the airport, through the transfer in comfortable cars, to seeing you enter your accommodation in the city of Madrid or Barcelona.

Our drivers will be waiting for you with a sign with your name and our logo. Impossible not to see them! And they will ensure that you do not have to carry a single bag or push a single suitcase, a luxury reception!

The vehicles we use are certified that space will not be a problem. Our customers always feel comfortable and appreciate their comfort. On your arrival there will be no problems or limitations, even your pet will have space to stretch after the trip!

If you want more details about this service or any other, do not hesitate to contact us.