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At People Global Relocation, we put all our available resources at our client’s disposal, making the moving and adaptation process easier. In addition to relocating employees, we also handle services for their loved ones through complementary services like searching and applying for daycare centers or kinder garden schools, for example. 

People Global Relocation´s services are not provided just to VP´s or CEO´s working for big multinational companies. Our procedures and technics used in the mobility process allow to adapt ourselves into any sort of customer; individual customers who are coming to expand their business, small and medium size companies or multinational companies. 

Since we have been established, we have worked and we are working with different types of clients. At the same time, our range of services have evolved to adjust in the best way to each one. 

We offer different services and packs covering all the client’s needs .

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Welcome and Introductory Services

Pick-up to and from the airport, “buddying” or an orientation accompanying service through the new city, identifying services of interest (embassy, consulate, legal advisors…), managing documents, assisting in any questions…etc.

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Integral Accommodation Management

Personal advising on the conditions and timetable of the relocation process; localisation and selection of accommodation (temporary/permanent), lease and utilities agreements.

Expatriation Processes

Legalization, visas, work permits, or any document process required to establish either a company or an employee(s) of a company.

Family Services

Advising, presentation and search for education centres that are most appropriate to the client’s needs, au-pair services, cleaning and home maintenance, medical insurance, etc.

Services and packs

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