Study is an option, learning is mandatory

At PGR we know that one of the main concerns of parents is the education of their children. Therefore, part of our services is the advice and management of the enrollment of the smallest of the house in the colleges and schools that best adapt to their needs and the requirements of the parents.

 From private schools to concerted and public, bilingual or not, with all the courses or on the contrary, specific by age… We will let you know their advantages and disadvantages and we will help you in one of the most important decisions to move by being with you throughout the process.

 Likewise, we will be there for the elderly, those who are ready to go to university. We advise them with first-hand knowledge, the best higher education institutions according to them and the requirements for their access according to the Spanish educational system.

But we do not limit ourselves to formal education. Languages ​​are also our strength and that is why we will help you get the best academy to learn the language you want.