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Have you recently moved to Spain and are you going to start a new life here? People who decide to move to Spain and start a new life here, whether for work, family reasons, etc., may want to create a family here, or expand their family. Have you thought about adoption? Adoption is a way to protect children and allows many children to have a family. In today’s post we explain the process to follow to adopt a child in Spain.   

What are the requirements for adoption?

  • One of the members of the couple must be at least 25 years old.  
  • The age difference between the adoptive parents and the child cannot be less than 16 or more than 45 years old.   
  • Persons who have been previously deprived of parental authority over another minor are not eligible to adopt.  
  • It is mandatory to obtain a document known as “certificate of suitability”.   

What are the steps to follow?

First of all, the couple wishing to adopt a minor in Spain must contact the Child Protection Services of the autonomous community in which they reside. In this way, the corresponding Service of Protection of Minors will be in charge of issuing the certificate of suitability for the adoption

What is the certificate of suitability?  

As we have already mentioned, it is an indispensable and mandatory document to be able to adopt a minor, both nationally and internationally. In this document, the corresponding authorities will note whether or not they consider you suitable for adoption.   

How to obtain the certificate of suitability?  

In order to obtain this document, the adopting parents will undergo a psychosocial examination. Afterwards, they will have to submit their adoption application and provide a series of documents 

  • Criminal record certificates  
  • Income  
  • Marriage certificate  
  • Medical certificates

After studying the case of each couple, if the corresponding authorities decide to issue the certificate of suitability to the adopting parents, the next step will be to enter a waiting list until the couple is assigned the adoption of a child. The average time on the waiting list is usually 6 to 8 years, depending on each case.   

After that time, once a child is placed with the couple, first a guardianship is performed. This is done in order to ensure that the child adapts well to his or her new home and family. Finally, if the adjustment is favorable, a judge rules and approves the adoption with the consent of the adopting parents. 

We hope this post has helped you and that you can start your adoption process to give a new family to a Spanish child in an unfavorable situation.  

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