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Have you moved to Spain and are starting a new life here? Have you opened a new business here or are you working for another company? Whatever your case may be, if you live in Spain and have received income from a payer during the previous year, you must file a tax return, although there are some exceptions. In today’s post we explain everything you need to know about the income tax return. Keep reading to make sure you don’t miss anything!  

What is the income tax return?  

It is an annual procedure to be carried out by residents in Spain. In this way, some data is provided to the Tax Agency to ensure that everything is legal and transparent. This data will always be from the previous fiscal year, that is, the income you received last year.   

The final objective of making the income tax return is to pay the IRPF (personal income tax). That is to say, this tax must be paid according to the net income obtained and the deductible expenses.  

Who must make the income tax return?  

Any individual resident in Spain for more than 183 calendar days, or who has the basis of his economic activity in the country, is obliged to file the income tax returnHowever, there are some exceptions:  

  • If you have received income from a single payer and this does not exceed 22000 euros gross per year.  
  • In case you have received income from several payers, if these do not exceed 14000 euros gross per year.  
  • If you have received income from several payers, when the sum of the second and the others does not exceed 1500 euros.  

When do you have to do this?  

This year 2022, the campaign is open from April 6 to June 30. It can be done online through its website and, according to the Tax Agency itself, the first returns will start to arrive from April 7. 

How can you do it?  

As we have said, one of the ways to file the income tax return is online through the Tax Agency’s website. To carry out this procedure, it will be necessary to be registered in the electronic system of the Spanish public administrations, the Cl@ve system.   

In addition, it can also be done online through the application for mobile devices, Tax Agency 

However, if you prefer to carry out this procedure guided by a professional, you will also be able to do so from May 5. From May 3 you will be able to request an appointment at the telephone numbers 915530071 and 915357326 to make your income tax return attended by an agent over the phone.   

Another way to do it is to be attended by a professional in person. This can be done from June 1st and you can make an appointment for it from May 26th.

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