goodbye to face masks

More than two years after the state of emergency in Spain and the worldwide pandemic were declared, this week we have finally been able to say goodbye to face masks. Masks have accompied us during these two last years, indoors and outdoors, discontinuously. Today, we can finally say that masks are over, at least for now. However, despite the fact that they are no longer mandatory both outdoors and indoors, there are still some exceptions. In today’s post we will tell you about the current Covid situation in Spain so that you don’t break any rules.  

Where are masks still mandatory?  

  • Means of transport: We know that high temperatures are approaching and getting on the subway with the mask stuck to your face is quite uncomfortable. Unfortunately, we have to tell you that, for the time being, we will have to continue wearing it. The same goes for buses, air travel, trains, streetcars and shipping.  However, where we will be able to stop wearing it will be in stations and platforms.   
  • Health centers: We must continue to wear the mask in hospitals, health centers and transfusion centers. Pharmacies are also added to this list of healthcare centers. Both workers and customers must wear the mask inside these establishments. The only people who are exempted from the use of the mask are hospital patients who are hospitalized.   
  • Healthcare centers: As in hospitals, both workers and visitors must wear the mask. The inhabitants of these centers will be exempted from the use of the mask, as elderly people living in residences.  

Where can we say goodbye to masks?

  • Transport station platforms  
  • Workplaces: With the exception of health and social care personnel, we can start going to our workplace without a mask. In general terms, it is not compulsory to wear a mask in any profession other than health care. Companies cannot oblige their workers to wear a mask, except in specific cases in which its use is advisable due to certain occupational hazards.   
  • Educational centers: Schools, institutes and universities are exempted from the mandatory use of the mask. However, we appeale to responsibility, so that, if any user of any center is in a risk situation, it will be advisable to use the mask.  
  • Leisure and cultural centers: Shopping centers, cinemas, museums… all of them are also free from the use of the mask. The same applies to supermarkets and other types of stores. However, health authorities recommend to use the mask when there are large crowds of people.   

However, after knowing all these new measures, it is still appealed to the individual responsibility of the citizens. For vulnerable people, people over 65, pregnant women or sick people with pathologies, among others, the use of masks will continue to be recommended.   

The same applies to places such as concert halls, nightlife venues or crowded celebrations, whether public or private. It will depend on the individual responsibility of each person to say goodbye to face masks.  

Remember to follow all these rules and be well informed about them if you are new in Spain in order to know the situation and be able to act correctly in each case.  

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