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If you are in Spain studying, doing your university internship, working as a researcher or teacher, or even volunteering, you should know that you have the right to apply for an extension of stay in the country. But, what are the requirements to be able to apply for it? When should you do it? What documentation should you present? In today’s post we explain all this so that you can apply for your extension of stay in Spain without any problems.  

What does this extension of stay consist of?   

It is an annual authorization to stay in Spain to carry out research, training or volunteer activities. Within the scope of training, it also includes those students who belong to mobility programs or who are doing their university internships. In addition, this annual extension is also authorized for family members of foreigners who are in any of the above-mentioned cases.

What are the requirements to be able to apply for it?

In order to apply for the extension of stay in Spain you must:  

  • Not be a citizen of any member state of the European Union, the European Economic Area or Switzerland. You cannot be a relative of a citizen of any of these countries.  
  • Have sufficient economic means to stay in the country and to pay for your return to your place of origin. For this purpose, the following amounts are established:  
    • A monthly amount of 100% of the IPREM for the maintenance of oneself.  
    • A monthly amount of 75% of the IPREM for the maintenance of the first family member, and 50% for the remaining persons.   
  • To have a medical insurance, public or private, that covers the risks normally insured to the Spanish citizens.  
  • Not to have a criminal record in Spain or in the previous countries of residence for crimes under Spanish law.  
  • For those students who are minors, have an authorization from their parents or legal guardians.  
  • Not to appear as rejectable in the territorial space of countries with which Spain has signed an agreement in such sense.  
  • Demonstrate that the requirements for the activity for which the authorization to stay in Spain was obtained are still fulfilled.   
  • To have passed the tests to be able to continue with the studies, labor practices or volunteer services.   

What documentation must be submitted?  

  • Application form in official model (EX – 00) in duplicate, correctly filled out and signed by the foreigner or his/her legal representative.   
  • Valid passport.  
  • Documentation that accredits that you have the necessary economic means.  
  • In the case of minors, authorization from parents or legal guardians.  
  • Documentation that accredits that medical insurance is available.  
  • Accreditation of the necessary requirements to develop the activity for which it was authorized to remain in Spain.   
  • In case of needing it, proof of having passed the tests to continue with the studies, research, practices or volunteering.

When and where do I apply for the extension of stay in Spain?  

You must apply for it during the 60 calendar days prior to the expiration date of the validity of the authorization. It may also be submitted within 90 calendar days thereafter.  

To do so you must go to any public registry and address your request to the Immigration Office of the province where the activity is carried out.  

When is the resolution of the application published?  

The resolution will be notified 3 months after the day following the date on which it was entered in the registry of the competent body in its processing. If, after this period, you have not recieve any notification, it will be understood that the application has been rejected 

We hope we have helped you. Remember that at People Global Relocation we are at your disposal to help you with all the doubts that may arise during your relocation process to Spain.   

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