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Do you know what the social integration permit is and when you can apply for it? If you have been living in Spain for more than three years and want to stay here, today’s post is of interest to you. For those people who have been in the country for more than three years and are fully integrated, there is a special permit known as the residence permit for social integration. But what does this type of permit really consist of? What requirements must be met in order to apply for it? How is this application processed? Read on and find out everything you need to know to extend your stay in Spain. Here we go!  

What is a “social integration”?  

It is one of the three exceptional cases of residency due to “integration” that exist in Spain. The other two cases of residency due to “integration” are work integration and family integration.  

Among these three options, the most used by foreigners is precisely the one we are going to talk about today. The good and differentiating feature of this type of permit with respect to the other types of residency based on integration is that, in the case of social integration, you do not depend on your labor or family situation, but rather it is a matter of demonstrating that there are strong ties with the community in which you live.

What requirements must be met to apply for social integration residence?  

  • Not to be a citizen of the European Union or a relative of a citizen of the European Union.  
  • Not to have a criminal record in Spain or in the countries in which one has previously resided for crimes punishable by Spanish law.  
  • Neither can the entry to Spain be forbidden or appear as a rejectable person in countries with which Spain has agreements in this regard.  
  • Not to be within the commitment of not returning to Spain. 
  • Not to have absences of more than 120 days during 3 years continuously residing in Spain.  
  • To have family ties with other resident foreigners or with Spaniards, or to present a report of social insertion of the City council or Autonomous Community that certifies their social integration.  
  • To have an employment contract or a commitment of employment contract for one year.  

How to process the application?  

The steps to follow are as follows:  

  • Make the application in person at an Immigration Office.  
  • Pay the temporary residence fee for exceptional circumstances.  
  • Present all documents apostilled or legalized, and translated into Spanish if they are in a foreign language.  
  • The Alien Office will have a period of three months to make a decision. If after this time there is no resolution, it must be assumed that the application has been rejected.  
  • Within one month from the notification, the company offering the employment contract will have to register you with the Social Security.  
  • Within 30 days after obtaining the residence permit, the Foreigner’s Identity Card must be obtained in person.   
  • The residence permit for social integration is valid for one year and cannot be renewed. When it expires, the applicant must apply for a residence permit or a residence and work permit.  

We hope this post has helped you to make your application for residency due to social integration. Remember that at People Global Relocation we are available to help you with everything you need during your move to Spain.  

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