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Are you thinking of moving to Spain to start working here? In this case, perhaps one of the biggest drawbacks you will find are the high taxes. However, there are different mechanisms for foreigners to save some money. This is the case of the Beckham law, a special tax regime that can help you save some money in Spain. If you are thinking of working in the country, stay with us and read on to find out everything you need to know. What advantages does it offer? Who can apply for it? How to apply for it? Here we go!  

What does the Beckham Law really consist of?  

t consists of a special tax regime that allows foreigners moving to Spain to pay less tax. Foreign individuals will go from being obliged to pay a progressive tax on income earned worldwide to being able to pay a flat tax rate of 24% on income earned in Spain.   

The main objective of this law is to attract qualified personnel from other countries to Spain. In addition, as a curious fact, the law owes its name to the footballer David Beckham, who was the first to benefit from it.  

Who can benefit from this law?  

All foreigners who move to Spain and are:  

  • Foreign workers in Spain  
  • Expatriates holding senior management positions.  
  • Administrators coming to work in a company located in Spain.  

What requirements must be met?  

Foreigners who move to Spain and wish to take advantage of this law must meet the following requirements:  

  • Not having been a resident in Spain previously during the 10 years immediately preceding.  
  • Moving to Spain for labor reasons. That is to say, to have an employment contract in a Spanish company.  
  • The core of the workers’ professional activity must be in Spain.   
  • Those who move to Spain as administrators of a company cannot own more than 24% of the company.   

How to apply for the Beckham Law?

The first important thing to keep in mind is that you must submit your application within 6 months of your registration as a worker with the Social Security by the Spanish company for which you are working. Once you know this, these are the documents you must submit to apply for the Beckham Law:

  • Form 149 correctly filled in  
  • Passport and NIE  
  • Social Security number  
  • Employment contract with a Spanish company  

Once you have submitted your application, if you receive a positive response, you will be able to benefit from the Beckham Law for 5 years. Each of these years you will have to formalize your tax declarations through Form 151 

We hope we have helped you and that through our posts you can learn more and more different ways to move to Spain and start a new life here. Remember that we are available to help you in everything you need during your process of moving to Spain.  

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